Why we only use Sherwin-Williams paints

why we only use sherwin-williams paints

Learn why we only use Sherwin-Williams paints

why we only use sherwin-williams paintsShopping for paint these days can be a hellish experience for most. Not only is the wall of color samples daunting, but there are so many types of paints for a variety of unique applications. Each brand also has a wide assortment of finishes, as well as variations in price points. When you call the pros at Just Let Me Do It for your next commercial paint job, rest assured you will only get the highest quality of Sherwin-Williams paints. Here are several reasons why we only use Sherwin-Williams paints, and have done so for nearly twenty years.


Did you know that Sherwin-Williams has been in business for over 150 years? Sherwin-Williams opened its first store in 1866, and now has over 4,600 stores globally. A testament to its success, Sherwin-Williams is now a Fortune 500 company. Henry Sherwin often recited, “What is worth doing, is worth doing well.” Their reputation for quality is an important reason why we only use Sherwin-Williams paints.

Customer service

Have you ever gone into a big box store to buy paint or try to get a decent color match? If so, you might agree that the customer service can be lacking and you often feel like you know how to mix paint better that the guy behind the counter. For this reason, these stores will have several shelves filled with discounted mis-tints.

On the other hand, when you walk into any Sherwin-Williams, you will surely appreciate the experienced, knowledgeable employees who offer excellent, friendly customer service. According to Curtis Pyle, Co-Founder of Just Let Me Do It, “One of the main reasons we only use Sherwin-Williams paints is because of their customer service. There have been rare occasions when I’ve gone to a big box store in a pinch for a color match. I feel like I’m helping them. The pros at Sherwin-Williams have the tools, experience, and the know-how to fix any problem, and to get a perfect color match.”

Huge product line

why we only use sherwin-williams paints

Another reason why we only use Sherwin-William paints is the huge variety of products they offer. Just Let Me Do It specializes in commercial repair and remodeling for many national retail and restaurant brands across the country, and due to regulations in different states, we rely on Sherwin-Williams to consistently offer the right paint for every job we do.

According to Pyle, “We mainly use Sherwin-Williams DTM (Direct to Metal) for exterior commercial applications like gates, doors, bollards, and dumpster doors. DTM has excellent adhesion quality, density, and it doesn’t chip. We also use the Sher-Cryl high performance acrylic paint for canopies and pilings. For interior commercial walls, we stick with Promar because its a low-odor, zero VOC contractor grade paint.”


Sherwin-Williams has over 4,600 stores, so it’s very easy to find a location nearby. Just Let Me Do It operates in multiple states, with new franchise locations opening every year. Pyle went on to say, “As more and more franchises open across the country, it’s very important for us as a brand to maintain the consistency and quality workmanship that our clients demand and receive. A franchisee in New Mexico can expect the same quality paint and customer service from a Sherwin-Williams store in Albuquerque that I can get here in Charlotte.”

Expect the best

When our clients call on Just Let Me Do It, they know they are getting the highest quality materials, with the highest level of workmanship applied. For over twenty years, we have strived and thrived to build that reputation and trust in the commercial services industry. That’s why we only use Sherwin-Williams paints.

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