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what is a bollard

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What is a bollard?

what is a bollardWelcome to our first installment of “Just Ask Curtis,” where we learn tips and answers to all your repair and remodel questions from Curtis Pyle, Co-Founder of Just Let Me Do It, but also known as “MacGyver” and “Mr. Can-fix-anything.” In this first segment, we just ask Curtis – “What is a bollard?”

You see them all over the place, from gas stations to day care centers to department stores, but few people know what they are. So what is a bollard? A bollard is a vertical steel post, often reinforced by filling with concrete, that is anchored in the ground and rises to act as a barrier for doors, gas pumps, propane tanks, and other vulnerable assets.

According to Curtis, “North Carolina led the nation last year for drive-throughs (when a vehicle drives through a door or window), and 7-Eleven was by far our biggest client. So far this year, we’ve only had four emergency board-ups at stores that did not have bollards installed. Unfortunately, business owners are not very proactive when it comes to bollards, and usually only call us once something bad has happened. Depending on how many bollards you need, the up-front cost can be a little expensive, but far cheaper in the long run when you consider the cost of a drive-through.”

what is a bollard 2Bollard installation

Installing bollards in asphalt to dirt is fairly simple. Installing bollards into concrete is far more intensive and expensive because it involves a coring process that can be quite time consuming, depending on the thickness of the concrete. Curtis went on to describe the process, “When you call Just Let Me Do It for a bollard installation, we use Schedule 40 stainless steel pipe. First, we core the hole, then excavate and set the pole. Next, we concrete each bollard in place with fast setting concrete. Usually, we will reinforce the bollard by filling the pipe with concrete as well. The last step is to finish the top. Some prefer a flat top and paint, but most request a welded cap or PVC cap for aesthetics.”

Does your business need bollards installed?

Thanks to Curtis, the next time you hear someone ask “What is a bollard?” you can be confident in telling them the answer. If your business needs bollard installation to safeguard against drive-throughs and to protect your valuable business assets, call the pros at Just Let Me Do It before it’s too late.