2017 Tile Flooring Trends

tile flooring trends

Tile Flooring Trends for 2017

tile flooring trendsUse these current tile flooring trends to avoid making outdated choices when you update your floors. We’ll help you choose something durable and smart that will stay in style for the life of your floor.

As a whole, the flooring industry is chock full of new trends right now, but tile is definitely in vogue. From size and color, to looks and shapes, the possibilities are endless.  Whether you are going for something modern or classic, this guide will help you pick between what’s hot and what’s not.

Tile Size and Layout Trends

Who said tile has to be old-fashioned, boring and square? In 2017 home and business owners are keen on showcasing striking flooring designs by changing it up with trendy patterns and sizes.

Lori Mukoyama, Principal, RTKL Commercial Practice Group, says many designers are trying to reinvent traditional patterns. “For example, you’ll see a traditional plaid with a new twist, such as a fun color or more modern look. You also might see a traditional houndstooth pattern but with a larger scale, making it appear more dramatic,” she says.

Geometric Shapes

Until now, interesting patterns and shapes were left for walls or backsplashes. In 2017, however, geometric tile shapes and patterns are taking over floors. These funky styles can give a chic, bohemian feel that is popular amongst millennials and first-time homebuyers.  More contemporary patterns will remain popular with the hipsters of the world, but choosing a more classic layout with these various geometric tile shapes will likely never go out of style.

Subway Tile Patterns

Subway tiles were also almost always used as wall tile, backsplash or shower flooring.  Subway tiles are ubiquitous these days, and more people are using subway tile to add a classic elegance to their floors. As popular as subway tiles are, they probably don’t qualify as a trend anymore—they’re here to stay.

Size and Widths

Using wider tile plank sizes is huge right now and for good reason. Wide plank flooring can make a space seem larger and give you fewer grout lines. Another popular trend is mixing it up with mixed width floor tiles using a pattern or at random.

Tile Look Trends

Thanks to new manufacturing technologies, the hottest trend in tile flooring these days is the ability to mimic the look and feel of other surfaces. This trend is here in force, and here to stay.

Wood-look Tile

Wood-look tiles certainly aren’t new, but their popularity is surging. Everyone loves the look of hardwood floors, but few love the level of care and maintenance they require—let alone having to worry about getting them wet. Wood-like tiles offer the look and durability of natural hardwood, but are much easier to maintain and are often much cheaper to install. Count on wood-look tiles to stick around for a very long time.

Marble-look Tile

Nothing says classic or timeless like marble. Marble has been used for centuries, and you can expect it to be around forever. The problem with natural marble is that it’s soft and porous, and a challenge to care for. By using marble-look tiles, you get a floor that looks classy and expensive, yet easy to clean.

“Other” Looks

If you’re going for something more industrial, cement-look tile is popular right now. If you’re going for something with a softer feel, then you can easily find fabric-look tiles. Another trending tile right now is metallic-look flooring.  While all of these “other looks” are trendy and cool in 2017, don’t count on them being becoming a new classic.

The Verdict

Larger and thinner tile trends will continue in 2017 as they have continued to grow in demand over the last few years. Whether it is the small subway tiles or thin bricks on walls, rectangular shapes will continue to be popular. With new ink-jet technology, manufacturers are producing tiles that are realistic representations of natural stone and wood-grained floors. Expect the larger rectangular planks of tiles that look just like hardwood flooring to be a popular choice. Striking a balance between unique and timeless will help your flooring choice look good now and long in the future.

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