Spring cleaning tips for any office

spring cleaning tips for your office

Spring cleaning helps to make your office better

Temperatures may be dropping this week, but let’s face it—spring is in the air. Cleaning is task we all loathe, but a recent study found that a clean office can actually boost productivity. We put together these handy spring cleaning tips to help make your office a better place to work.

Organize and plan

Create a checklist of everything that needs cleaning in your office, and set a reminder on your phone or calendar of when to start. No one likes to work on the weekend, but picking a day when you are least busy is ideal.

Divide and conquer

For common areas like the breakroom or lobby, gather your co-workers to help. Divide the room into sections, and have each person tackle a separate task. By assigning smaller tasks to more people, you can get the job done in no time. Have them draw straws to decide the lucky victim who has to clean out the fridge.

Clean all surfaces

Wiping all surface with antibacterial wipes or a mild bleach solution can go a long way in helping prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that cause common colds and the flu. Don’t forget to wipe down the door knobs, keyboards, mice, calculators, desks, counters, and phones. Use a can of compressed air to clean out those pesky crumbs from your keyboard. A healthy office is a productive office!

Declutter desks, drawers and cabinets

We all have that one drawer filled with everything from pens to hand sanitizer. While junk drawers are convenient, over time it becomes impossible to sort through. Clean out your drawers and cabinets to get rid of anything you do not regularly use. Only frequently used items should be kept on your desk.

Scan or shred old documents

Sort through your old files or financial statements and determine what you must keep, and what can be tossed. According to the IRS, most records only need to be kept for three years. For everything else, consider scanning any important documents and keeping an electronic copy, and shredding the rest.

Control your cords

Perhaps the only thing worse that spring cleaning is organizing that chaotic clump of cords and wires that dangle behind your desk. Consider labeling each cord to help you put everything back together. Check out this Lifehacker article for more tips on controlling cord clutter. Using a wireless mouse and keyboard is a great way to help eliminate some of the mess.

Evaluate the waste

When all is said and done, you are likely to have a great deal of waste. It’s best to sort through and determine what items can be recycled, and what should be thrown away. Also, consider donating used computer equipment or old furniture—you may even earn a charitable tax deduction for your good deed.

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