Restaurant Renovations – 6 Helpful Tips

restaurant renovations

restaurant renovations

Restaurant renovations: Does your location need an update?

A remodel or refresh can certainly freshen your restaurant’s image and transform your space to maximize sales. But before committing serious cash into a restaurant renovations, check out these tips to help you get a return on your investment.

Is it the right time? When it comes to restaurant renovations, stay ahead of the curve. If the restaurant already looks like it needs an update, it’s often too late. Industry experts recommend updating your restaurant every five to seven years.

Determine your goals. You must decide what your objectives are. Is your aim to freshen up your decor or to completely rebrand yourself? Do you plan on retaining your basic layout, or do you want to add revenue-generating space a la adding more seats, a bar or a private dining room?

Define your aesthetic and personality. Think of your restaurant as a person. What type of clothes would it wear? Is it serious or carefree? Funny or refined? Answering these questions will help guide your decisions on things like paint colors and fabrics.

● Track the trends. If it’s been a while–years–since your last refresh, your restaurant might need a “reboot” rather than just a “refresh.” Use the opportunity to examine restaurant industry trends and to see where your restaurant fits in, while also differentiating yourself from the competition.

Demographics are crucial. Know your audience is crucial for a successful renovation project. For example, adding a patio can go far in attracting younger, hipper crowds who enjoy casual lounge-style atmospheres.

Pick the right partners. Look for partners–architects, designers and consultants–who are experienced in dealing with the unique challenges of restaurants. When you are ready to execute your vision, choosing Just Let Me Do It to handle your restaurant renovations will help position you for success.

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