Meet MAD MAX McLaughlin

Meet “MAD MAX” McLaughlin

max mclaughlinToday we sit down for a chat with Max McLaughlin, a professional driver in the Super DIRTcar series, to learn more about him and why recently called him the future on the dirt track.

Max, first, congratulations on all of your recent successes on the track—they’re very well deserved. Tell us how you got started in racing.

Max: Thanks! I grew up in racing, I was at the NASCAR races every weekend with my Dad. I guess you can say it is all I have ever known.

Your dad, Mike McLaughlin, was not only a perennial fan favorite in the NASCAR series, but is also a member of the DIRT Hall of Fame. What was it like growing up in and around the sport, and what made you decide to follow in your father’s footsteps?

Max: I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Having my dad by my side every step of the way means the world to me. Not only is he just my father, but he is one of the best driver coaches there is, and soaking up all the information he gives me helps me a ton. I just want to race, it’s my dream and it always has been. And being able to race with my family by my side makes it that much more special.

Speaking of your dad, he had a pretty amazing nickname as a driver—“Magic Shoes”—tell us about your equally cool nickname and how you got it.

Max: They call me “MAD MAX” not really sure if it is because of my anger issues or what, but it has stuck! Lol.

So you recently began driving for HBR Motorsports, which is a big name in racing. How did you get involved with HBR, and how has your career changed since joining the team?

Max: Al gave me the opportunity to drive one of his cars at World Finals at Charlotte, which is one of the biggest–if not the biggest–dirt races in the world. We ended up setting fast time and coming home with a top 15 finish, then he gave me the opportunity to drive full time in 2016. And I couldn’t ask for anything more!

You drive the HBR #6H Teo Pro Car sponsored by Just Let Me Do It. What else can you tell us about your car in terms of specs like HP and top speed, etc.?

Max: Our race cars are powered by an 850HP Big Block Motor, enough power to pick the front wheels right off the ground. It’s an incredible feeling.

You’re only 17 years old, and you’ve already racked up some very impressive accolades. You’re the youngest “Fast Timer” in the 44-year history of the Super DIRTcar Series, as well as winning its 2016 Rookie of the Year honor. In fact, recently gushed that you are the future of dirt track racing. Can you share with us what you feel is your greatest accomplishment so far, and what your biggest goal is for the future?

Max: Not really sure what my biggest would be, they all mean a lot to me. I have been very lucky to be given the chances to drive so many different race cars, and I would say the biggest accomplishment is being able to win in every series we have races in. One of my biggest goals in the future is to transfer to the asphalt and win races on that side of the racing world. I will always have a burning passion for dirt racing, but I would really love to get the shot to race on the black top.

Max, you once said, “I just love to race. It doesn’t make a difference as long as it has a motor, I want to race it.” What types of cars have you had the chance to race in your career so far? Any favorites?

Max: I have driven Outlaw Karts, Dirt Late Models, UMP Modifieds, Midgets, Big Block Modifieds, Legend Cars, and even taken a pass down a drag strip in a Alcohol Dragster. They all have high points, but my favorite would have to be a Big Block, just because all of the power the car has,

What are some things that you enjoy doing while off the track?

Max: I do a lot of IRacing Simulation, working on cars, and playing sports with friends.

You’re very active on social media. What’s the best way for fans and future fans to learn more about you, and to connect with and follow you?

Max: I basically have every form of social media:

Twitter:  @MaxMcLaughlin_

Instagram: @MaxMcLaughlin_

Facebook: Mad-Max McLaughlin

One of your sponsors is Just Let Me Do It, a commercial services company. Can you tell us more about them and how they’ve been as a sponsor?

Max: They have been a huge help! They are awesome people to work with and we have developed a great relationship doing so.

I understand Just Let Me Do It is now franchising nationwide. Can you tell us how someone who is interested in owning a franchise can request more information?

Max: The best way to learn more about the Just Let Me Do It franchise opportunity, just go to their website and request a franchise kit.

Max, before we go, please tell us about any upcoming races or big events where fans can come out to support you.

Max: You can find my full racing schedule on MAXMCLAUGHLINRACING.COM

Thanks, Max. It’s been a pleasure learning more about you, and we look forward to seeing you add to your already impressive racing résumé!