A low investment franchise with unlimited potential

low investment franchise

low investment franchiseA low investment franchise with unlimited potential

Finding the right franchise is a crucial step in buying a running any successful business. Today we sat down with James Emerson, CEO of NEXT Franchise Systems to find out what makes the Just Let Me Do It Franchise model so unique, and how the franchise process works.

James, how did you become involved with Just Let Me Do It?

Just Let Me Do It owners Curtis and Colleen Pyle approached us with interest in franchising their business. We looked at their business model and we were instantly interested in helping them take Just Let Me Do It to market as a franchise opportunity. Focusing on commercial clients only, they have built a tremendous business doing commercial services such as restoration, remodeling and maintenance with zero advertising. They are so well known and respected in the industry that businesses call them. They don’t have to advertise. We couldn’t be more excited to help them develop the Just Let Me Do It franchise system and watch them grow nationally as a franchised business.

Can you tell us a little more about you and NEXT Franchise Systems?

I’ve been in franchising just about my entire career. It’s a fascinating industry and we really enjoying helping our clients take their small to medium businesses to the “next” level through franchising. In my opinion franchising is the best way to expand your business. And for those looking to purchase a business, buying a franchise over starting your own business is preferred because of the support in operations, training, branding and marketing you get from the franchisor. You’re in business for yourself, not by yourself. The franchise industry employees more than 9.1 million people and, according to the International Franchise Association, there are 800,000 franchises in the United States alone. It’s obvious that franchising is a large and growing way to do business.

How does franchising a business work?

At NEXT Franchise Systems, our staff of franchising professionals are ready to analyze a business and prepare it for rapid expansion. It’s not easy running one business — much less several — spread out over a geographic area. Staffing is difficult. Payroll is difficult. And the means to expand are often out of reach. Franchising is often the key to expansion.

Through franchising, you can grow your business and let individual franchise owners invest in expanding your business. They put up their time, capital and risk to open units. You control the brand and provide the franchise model, the system, training, know-how, and experience to guide them. With each franchise, most of the risk is on the franchisee. You provide support and collect a franchise fee and on-going royalty payments. It’s a win-win for both parties.

At NEXT, we take you all the way from creating your business model, to creating your franchise documents, to generating a marketing plan, to forming a franchise sales process, to selling your first franchise and beyond. We really are a full-service franchise company and we do it all for less than you might imagine.

Are there a lot of franchise opportunities out there? What make Just Let Me Do It stand above the competition in terms of franchising?

Well, there really is no competitor to Just Let Me Do It in the commercial services franchising sector. Sure, there are handyman and restoration franchises out there – plenty of them. But there is no franchise that focuses exclusively on business-to-business commercial services. Just Let Me Do It is the only one.
If I had to mention a few of the unique benefits of owning a Just Let Me Do It franchise I would say:
• It’s a business-to-business only franchise
• The startup costs are low
• The business is backed by more than 20 years of success
• Commercial services are in high demand
• The franchise comes with a built-in, established, nationally-known client base

just let me do it logo 300x122Can you tell us what would be involved in opening your own Just Let Me Do It territory?

To learn more about the Just Let Me Do It franchise opportunity, visit https://justletmedoit.com/request-a-franchise-kit and request a free franchise kit. It’s that easy.