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leak divertersLeak Diverters – What are they and do I need one?

These simple devices can save you thousands.

Thankfully, hurricane season in the United States is coming to a close in 2017, but the risk of a costly roof leak increases anytime a heavy rain or storm passes through. Roof leaks, whether big or small can cost business owners hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage to facilities, machinery and/or inventory. This Pro Tip teaches you everything you need to know about leak diverters.

leak divertersWhat are leak diverters and when should I use them?

Leak diverters come in many shapes and sizes, but the principle is all the same–to catch and divert water from the leak to the catchment basin (a bucket or drain). Leak diverters are a temporary fix for leaking roofs to mitigate the damages caused by unwelcomed water in your office or facility.

A leak diverter can attach to ceilings with straps and grommets or replace entire ceilings tiles with mildew-resistant tarps to funnel away water to drain or container. Certain types of leak diverters can also attach to leaking pipes to achieve the same goal.

leak diverters 2Are leak diverters easy to install?

You can purchase easy-to-install leak diverter kits online or at various big box stores. Anyone with experience in fixing things will find installing leak diverters to be easy to moderate in difficulty, depending on the location of the leak. Leaks often happen at sudden and inopportune times, which means that business owners or facilities managers have little time to mitigate potentially catastrophic water damage.

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