Facilities Maintenance: 7 Things Just Let Me Do It does for its clients

facilities maintenance

Facilities Maintenance: 7 Things Just Let Me Do It does for its clients

Taking care of an office building or any other type of commercial facility is no easy task. When business owners or facilities maintenance companies have an issue, big or small, they don’t hesitate to call Just Let Me Do It Commercial Services24/7/365.

Here’s a list of the Top 7 facilities maintenance tasks we handle:

facilities maintenance

1 – Major Emergencies

Whether it’s a plumbing or power failure, a leaky roof or a busted window, Just Let Me Do It is on call 24/7/365. Our professional crews respond immediately for untimely emergency repairs and other urgent situations.

2 – Furniture and Workstation Setup and Reconfiguration

We assemble and install office furniture and workstations, as well as commercial installations for retail stores and restaurants. We can also rearrange and reconfigure your existing office furniture.


3 – General Repairs

We handle general repairs stemming from normal wear and tear on your store, restaurant, office or facility–interior and exterior. From lighting to furniture and drywall, we have you covered. Why deal with a separate roofer, painter, electrician and plumber, when one call to Just Let Me Do It does it all?

4 – Cleanup & Restoration

From storm debris and fallen trees, to burst pipes and flooding, we can help you get your facility back to normal ASAP.

5 – Improvements & Remodels

We install appliances and equipment, replace carpeting and flooring, and paint interior and exterior walls. Whether it’s just a fresh coat of paint, or an entire overhaul, we handle all types of commercial remodels and refreshes.

6 – Commercial Tenant Repairs

When commercial tenants move out, they often leave damage behind. We handle minor and major repairs: paint, drywall, flooring and more.

7 – Roofing & Weatherization

No one likes to get on a ladder. Our facilities maintenance services include fixing leaky roofs, leak diverters, rooftop sealing and weatherization. We even clean out gutters and downspouts.

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One Call Does It All

Taking care of your building, office, store or restaurant takes a team of professionals. Just Let Me Do It is several teams in one. When it comes to facilities maintenance, we are a one-stop shop. Since 1997 our clients have trusted us to say “Just Let Me Do It!” We’re here and we’re ready to help–24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week. Call or contact Just Let Me Do It Commercial Services today!