4 Commercial remodeling tips to help your business succeed

commercial remodeling tips

commercial remodeling tipsCommercial Remodeling Tips to help your business grow

Business is booming! We’ve seen a huge increase in businesses that are looking to grow to the next level and in need of updating their stores and offices. In doing so, business owners most often consider three key factors for commercial remodeling projects: keeping down costs, boosting productivity and going green to save energy. To achieve these goals, consider these commercial remodeling tips.

Here are 4 commercial remodeling tips every business owner should know

  1.  Open Spaces
    • Businesses today focus more and more on teamwork and collaboration to boost productivity. Forget the cubicles and tightly cramped offices, and consider a floor plan that promotes open work areas that have a professional, but comfortable feel. You can mix it up with bar tables and sofas, just be sure to have plenty of plug-ins for all the modern devices we now carry, and ample space for project space. It’s also important to consider adding nooks or special project areas that allow employees can access when projects need a quiet, bright space devoid of distractions.
  2.  Colorful Ideas
    • When thinking about your next commercial remodeling project, consider the latest trends in color to incorporate into the design. According to Jess Ultreras, interior designer, Fitzgerald & Associates in Chicago, “There’s an interesting shift that’s going on from colder neutrals to slightly warmer—not the crazy beige we used to see but more of a gray beige. Neutral is king and you can’t get away from it.” Combine neutral colors with bright pops of color to add visual interest. Victor Sanz, project architect for DMG Interiors in Reston, Va., said, “As open-plan environments are becoming the norm, color is becoming a more powerful and interesting tool to add visual interest into wide expansive spaces.” He went on, “Technology companies are embracing bold, bright accent colors, while healthcare clients prefer a more calming relaxed, organic palette.” Check out our post about the bold image we helped Extra Space Storage achieve.
  3.  Natural Light
    • Did you know that lighting accounts for around 20% of a company’s energy costs? By allowing more natural light to filter in your store or office, you can dramatically lower your energy bill, and reduce your carbon footprint. Using the sun to lower your costs has other advantages as well. Natural light not only helps to reduce employee eye strain, but studies have shown a correlation to employee performance. Consider installing skylights where it might not be possible to install new windows.
  4.  Go Green
    • According to researchers, better air quality leads to increases in employee productivity, along with decreases in the number of employee sick days. For your next commercial remodeling job, consider installing a better ventilation system. Using environmentally friendly building supplies which do not emit possibly toxic fumes can also help. Insulating walls and ceilings can drastically reduce energy costs. Consider replacing older windows with newer, energy efficient panes. Making space for more live plants will help freshen the air while also helping to reduce employee stress levels and increase productivity.

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