Commercial Carpet Tile Tips

Commercial Carpet Tile Tips

Use these commercial carpet tile tips to help you navigate the seemingly endless list of flooring options. Many business owners choose modular carpet tiles over other types of flooring for many reasons. Commercial carpet tile offers both practical benefits and stylish options for an efficient flooring solution. Modular commercial carpet tile is manufactured using a process that seals the fuzzy yarns directly into the vinyl backing. This process makes it nearly impossible to unravel, and perfect for both heavy traffic and commercial applications.


Practical Benefits of Using Commercial Carpet Tile

Switching from a single 12-foot single roll option to the standard 18 inch square offers some very practical benefits. The smaller square carpet tiles are much easier to transport than bulky 12 foot rolls. The squares are not only easier to transport in a vehicle, but also the hands-down favorite when maneuvering through tight spaces like hallways and elevators.

Another key advantage to using modular carpet tile is the ability to replace any size of an area that has been damaged. Damage or wear from extreme high traffic areas can be easily removed and replaced with new tiles, without the expense of replacing the whole floor.

Commercial Carpet Tile: Squares or Planks?

Because the commercial carpet tiles are smaller pieces of carpet, these tiles can be setup in endless configurations for any size or shape of an area–with considerably less waste. The most common application of commercial carpet tile is the standard 18 inch square. Carpet tile planks are a recent innovation, and offers many more options over the spares as far as style and design.

With commercial carpet tile squares, you can rotate or offset the tiles and install in a brick layout. With the planks, however, you can dazzle a room with a herringbone design, or even in a basket-weave layout. By mixing up carpet tile colors or patterns, you can definitely add flair and visual impact. Using a variety of carpet orientations can also help introduce subtle cues to delineate different areas without having to use additional flooring options.

Do You Need Commercial Carpet Tile?

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